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social responsibilities
green energy

lead plays an active role in helping build a green and low carbon society. it joins hand with upstream and downstream partners to push forward sustainable development via intelligent manufacturing innovations. based on intelligent manufacturing technology, lead extends its business scope from li-ion battery and pv equipment to hydrogen energy, energy storage and electric vehicles, etc., and establishes a complete new energy supply chain of green manufacturing. actively participating in customers' technology transformation and low-carbon revolution, lead assists our customers in building intelligent plant characterized by high efficiency and low consumption, contributing to the goal of zero emission. 

global electrification process driven
by green manufacturing
lead actively joins in global electrification process by making technology and production line more intelligent, improving battery energy density and safety, enhancing production efficiency, reducing consumption cost per unit, manufacturing highly-efficient and low-consumption lithium battery, and promoting electrification availability, thus realizing emission reduction and low-carbon development.
pv helps realize
intelligent plant

solar energy has become an important source of power. lead, with its global partners, strives to make pv production line more intelligent and digitalized by realizing process monitoring and regulation, reduce pv material cost and labor costs, thus promoting pv cell production greener and less costly.
explore clean hydrogen
and hydrogen industrialization
hydrogen is acclaimed as the cleanest energy of 21st century. lead has been actively exploring more efficient and cleaner utilization mechods to promote the development of new energy industry. lead has now green hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cell making, cell testing to promote hydrogen industrialization.
energy storage and peak shaving promotes
clean energy development
lead has built a green energy industry structure from pv power generation, lithium battery storage to green hydrogen production and hydrogen power generation. power storage is requisite if incontinuity, instability and uncontrollable factors of solar/wind power is to be solved, and peak shaving can reduce solar/wind waste.
green development

lead, with its focus on intelligent manufacturing, follows the environment protection principle of clean and green development, to ensure economic benefits and environment protection go hand in hand. it identifies and manages various environmental factors in product, activity and service, and manages environment and energy in the whole process of sales, r&d, procurement, production and services.

lead implements the regulation of environment protection along with construction and has aquired iso14001 environmental management system certification, and has annual internal and external reviews on its environmental protection system to improve it.

labor and human rights
statement on labor and human rights

lead highly prizes talents and views our employees as the driving force of our development. we provide double career paths, professional or management, to empower our employees and channel their energies, and determine their pay based on their contributions.

lead observes all labor law and regulations, and respects and protects lawful rights of employees. we stick to equal employment and object any forms of discrimination.
earnest creation of values, scientific evaluation of values and rational distribution of values.

occupational health and environment safety
safety production
lead follows labor law, safety production law, occupational disease prevention and control law, and abor contract law. we adhere to the working principle of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", and the principle that "human life is vital, and development must not be at the expense of human life, which is an insurmountable red line". we have obtained iso45001 safety management system certification.
occupational health
lead follows the national laws like labor law and occupational disease prevention and control law, and requirements of clients and relevant parties to undertake relevant work, formulate and implement safety and occupational health management system. lead has obtained iso45001 health management system certification.
sustainable supply chain

lead is committed to building a responsible supply chain. it conducts trainings on sustainability topics for suppliers to ensure products and services are in line with requirements of sustainable development.

it continuously deepens the compliance management of suppliers, works with suppliers for joint development, and establishes a sustainable development system; in terms of anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery, lead has always been committed to creating a fair and just procurement environment and paying attention to the compliance construction of its internal and external purchasers and suppliers.

honest and clean company

lead values "integrity and commitment" and integrates it in our core values, all staff members shall observe laws and regulations concerning operation, environment, safety, quality and finance.

lead care activities

lead embraces the social responsibility idea of "integrity, harmony, green, development" and actively participates in social good activities. it makes contribution in money-raising for combating covid pandemic, recreational activities organisations and money-raising for victims of flood-impacted areas in henan province. lead contributes to a harmonious and mutual loving society through these public benefit activities.