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talent recruitment
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welcome to wuxi lead intelligent equipment co., ltd.
here, we are developing world leading intelligent equipment
here, we are shaping the future of intelligent manufacturing
let's take the lead in this era of intelligence to help the world experience china-made products and to create new possibilities for the future!

"people first, long-term focus" strategy

talents constitute an important strategic resource for innovative and sustainable development of an enterprise. adhering to the ideal of "always put people first. let every member give full play to his/her talent", lead provides a stage for every employee to play a part, a ladder for development as well as a home for common striving.
the flat management adopted gives every member a chance to achieve and succeed; in an atmosphere of engineer-based culture, everyone talks frankly with each other and works rigorously, embodying the spirit of "pursuit of excellence" in everyday work.

vital and dynamic colleagues, versatile and inclusive environment

here in lead, you will work with active and versatile colleagues in an inclusive environment. what you will reap is not only economic benefits but also growth and fun.

lead also offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities throughout the year, such as birthday party, public welfare running, sports competitions and other public welfare activities. we encourage our employees to participate in extra-hour activities and provide a work-break integrated working environment to ensure their wellbeing.

growth and stimulus

virtue, attitude and ability 
talent development and training are highlighted to promote employees and enterprise growth

lead university provides an all-round skill and capability training to empower our employees in all aspects.
salary and welfare
we provide competitive salary and welfare to ensure the employees are paid off in proportion to their contributions. rich stimulus is provided for employees with major contributions.
r&d mission
as a leader in the industry, lead cultivates r&d strengths and vigorously gathers innovative talents.
our stage is awaiting you
campus recruitment
embrace ideals and make your dream realizable!
campus recruitment
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