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mes functions
normative, standardized and consistent
system modeling
a complete digital factory model is built on area model, product model, code model and process model created by the system.
coordination, flexible and real time
planning management
based on epr orders, arrange their scheduling, splitting, distribution and coordination, track production status and feedback workshop actual performace to erp
refined, timely and controllable
material management
standardize warehouse operation process, visualize management and enhance efficiency
real-time, reliable and comprehensive
production execution
implement whole process production process, build a complete tracing chain and realize lean management based on digital factory model
standard, paperless, closed-loop, visualized
quality management
through visualized standard and paperless mode in closed-loop control, to realize key factor recording and complete quality tracing
intelligent management throughout the life cycle
equipment management
modeling and monitoring based on key factors including equipment, spare parts, equipment oee, to help enterprise optimize production, equipment management, and inline inspection
diverse, real-time and customized display
field kanban
with inter-accessible top and bottom data, real-time information-based diverse kanban schemes help realize visualized and controllable production
refined, accurate and timely
report statistics
with accurate and detailed manufacturing data being transferred and collected in real time, multiple types and levels of production reports are generated based on statistical analysis functions of the system, which can give a true presentation of product
simple, easy, nice-looking
mobile apps
build a unified enterprise-level app platform to provide operations of production, materials, equipment and quality on mobile devices, increasing convenience to on-site management.