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bipolar plate production line
plate infiltration process
plate infiltration line
plate infiltration line is applied in graphite electrode plate making. it can pre-handle graphite electrode plate through cleaning and drying, and soak the plate with vaccumizing, soaking liquid filling, pressurized soaking, liquid discharge processes
dispensing or screen printing
bipolar plate gluing & assembly machine
bipolar plate gluing & assembly machine is used to coat the unipolar plate with gluing (with either dispensing or screen printing method) and assemble the uniplar plate to form bipolar plate
laser welding of bipolar metal plate
bipolar plate automatic welding line
bipolar plate automatic welding line is used for welding and formation of bipolar metal plates. it is highly automated, avoiding human intervention for welding and testing and demonstrates stability. the welding power can meet requirements of both spot we
sealing ring dispensing and solidifying
bipolar plate sealing ring production line
bipolar plate sealing ring production line includes auto material loading/unloading, monopolar plate smoothing after pressurized heating, monopolar plate gluing to form the bipolar plate, bipolar plate glue heating and solidification, bipolar plate seali
leak test, etc.
bipolar plate inspection machine
bipolar plate inspection machine can be used for biploar plate inspection, including surface welding quality inspection, surface defect detection, leak test, etc. for surface defect and welding quality inspection, high-resolution ccd is adopted for high a