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module turnkey solutions
high compatibility, one-click model changeover
hi-pot test equipment
auto module hi-pot test
high compatibility, stability, short takt time
auto module stacking system
the machine is dedicated for the pre-handling of inspection, cleaning, gluing, taping and splicing of cells, end plates, insulation plates and other components, and module stacking as per preset moduling orders. it can realize auto stacking of single/mult
strong compatibility, fast speed, high yield rate
pouch cell ocv test and tab cutting machine
before pouch cell moduling, it is used for ocv test and tab cutting, integrated with multiple functions and realizes production data binding and mes uploading. it can also be integrated in pouch cell pack line, realizing auto loading/unloading.
high speed, high yield rate
pouch cell ocv test and dimension measuring machine
incorporated in intelligent manufacturing, it is integrated with multiple functions, with production data binding and being uploaded to mes; compatible with a variety of cell specifications and compatible cell dimensions: 60×60×5mm-590×150×20mm; able to d
high compatibility,high security
busbar welding station
automatic busbar welding ,welding seam monitoring,welding room monitoring
compatible with more than 3 types of products
terminal protection cover assembly machine
to automatically mount terminal protection cover
compatibility, stability, accuracy
busbar welding inspection equipment
perform automatic busbar welding, welding seam monitoring, welding room monitoring and automatic welding inspection.
high accuracy, wide range of inspection items
full dimension inspection equipment
to perform automatic and full-scope inspection of module dimension, geometrical tolerance and appearance quality.
high space utilization, short takt time, high yield rate
48v module pack assembly line
the production line covers the complete processes from cell, module to pack. it can realize production data binding and uploading(to mes) and real-time process monitoring
pack turnkey solution
dynamic simulation technology, automatic online/offline
automatic pack online/offline equipment
pack online/offline automatically, combined with agv to achieve full process automation.
highly integrated stations, high efficiency
module test and insertion equipment
able to fulfill automatic module onto line, ocv test and lower housing insertion
auto gluing, auto glue type detection, auto glue filling
automatic thermal conductive gluing equipment
110mm full-width gluing, auto glue type detection, auto glue filling, and overtime alarm.
high compatibility, high efficiency
automatic four-axis tightening equipment
module is tightened to lower house
multi angle, wide tightening coverage
tightening position monitoring equipment
real-time position monitoring to realize intelligent error-proof of screw tightening; real-time torque monitoring, torque data uploaded to mes; compatible with smart warning, multi angle, wide range tightening
high integration, strong compatibility
automatic busbar assembly equipment
automatic busbar assembly
precise cover pick&installation
automatic upper cover installation equipment
it can realize automatic upper cover pick and installation, cover transfer calibration and positioning, cover scanning and tracing
four shafts synchronized to achieve flexible tightening
automatic cover tightening equipment
screw tightening for module and pack top cover tightening
automatic connection/disconnection technology
automatic leakage test equipment
conduct pack leakage test after cover installation, with leakage rate or pressure being monitored in real time during the test; test parameter can be switched automatically to meet test requirements of different products; auto result alarm function is ava
flexible navigation,customization,whole plant upgrade,flexible management
agv intelligent transportation system
customized solutions,entire factory logistics plan design, manufacture, installation,commissioning and update
automatic plugging,infrared temperature detection,high structural adaptation,high applicability
automatic electrical performance testing station
the internalresistance and dynamic tests are conducted as well as real-time temperature monitoring during tests.
planning,materialmanagement,equipment management,mobile devices control
planning,materialmanagement,equipment management,mobile devices control,quality management,production execution,report analysis,on-site kanban
fast inspection, high protection level
large-power charge/discharge equipment
the machine is used for charge/discharge test of ev, energy storage battery and other battery systems. it supports can and ethernet communication. with built-in dbc files, it realizes data access and control quickly and conveniently with various bms syste
compatible with more softwares, visualized process
eol testing system
it can be used in function and safety test, result judgement, data record, data upload(to mes) of cell module and pack
storage system turnkey solution
electric drive turnkey solution
key typical process solution
turnkey solution of new energy electric drive system
a turnkey solution including sub assembly and assembly of motor, reducer and controller, and inline product test and offline test. a "butterfly" layout can be applied to integrate the sub assembly line of rotor, stator and reducer, etc., and agv sytem can
automatic technology
automatic hair pin stator manufacturing solution
capable of laser striping, 3d bending, terminal reverse folding, clip grouping & insertion, separate servo for twist molds, laser/tig welding and automatic transfer between stations of coating, trickling and testing.
self-developed core software
automatic electric drive offline testing system
capable of auto lubrication, auto cooling, auto test pipe connection, auto testing clamp, integrated software write-in system, testing process monitoring, and integrated peripheral function devices
magnets processing speed of 4s/pcs/pt
stator line -- magnets insertion machine
the rotor manufaturing solution based on robot transfer offers the greatest flexibility to the process. the magnets insertion and dispensing equipment owning an independent intellectual property realizes magnets processing speed over 4s/pcs/pt, and is com
custom configuration, flexiblility test, easy to operate and maintain
electric drive universal automation test software
it has functions of automation test, test result query, dso, data analysis, inline report, remote access, smart diagnosis, modular customization and tool library, etc.
support various types of products, customization
data management system of digital plant
configured with process optimization, quality assessment, trend prediction, intelligent operation and service, smart diagnosis, real-time monitoring and mobile working, etc.