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pv assembly auto production line
high efficiency, 10000pcs/h, high compatibility
full compatible ultra high speed stringer (ldds10000)
use manipulator to put multiple cells on welding platform which will be separated at one interval there, enhancing capacity while solving the problem of ribbon deviation
efficiency, 7200pcs/h, high compatibility
full compatible high speed stringer (ldds7200)
the full compatibility ultra high- speed stringer has a mass production capacity of over 7200pcs/h for half cell. it incorporates mbb half cell technology and multiple nondestructive scribing technology and is compatible with all cell dimensions between 1
efficient, 3800pcs/h, high compatibility
full compatible high speed stringer (ldds3600c)
full compatible high speed stringer is used to connect the cell and ribbon end to end, weld them into stringers through infrared soldering and classify and collect soldered strings
high availability, low maintenance cost
full compatibility high speed laser cutting stringer (ldds7200s)
it is used to cut the cell into half cell without damaging it, and the half cell is handled to welding station for stringing. compared with split machines, it saves manual handling between laser cutting and stringing, and cell consumption due to cell box
stable welding, high efficiency, quick and convenient thread cutting
ldhl180s half cell busing machine
the busing machine consists of transmission mechanism, busbar making mechanism, correction mechanism and electromagnetic welding mechanism, etc.
high stability, high capacity, low damage rate
ldtw5000 screen printing shingling stringer
the machine integrates non-destructive laser cutting, screen printing and lamination, and is compatible with silicon cell dimensions ranging between 156-230mm. it is also compatible with one fifth, one sixth and one seventh cell, and can differentiate ch
high accuracy, high speed, high compatibility
all-in-one shingling machine
the module series integrates string terminal/lead welding, el inspection, typesetting, string correction, two-end busbar welding functions
high conversion efficiency, nice-looking
ibc stringer
there is no electrode on the front of the ibc, and the metal busbar of the positive and negative are arranged on the back of cells in the shape of fingers. since the front side is not covered by the metal busbar, it has more light-receiving area, so cells
high-efficiency pv cell intelligent plant
high integration and productivity with conversion efficiency exceeding 26%
intelligent high-efficiency topcon cell factory
providing topcon cell turnkey project for clients and using mes solutions to realize pv cell whole-life traceability.
high availability, capacity, compatibility
monosilicon texturing washing machine
used to form the "pyramid" suede on monocrystal wafers through chemical etching, and clean and dry the suede.
high availability, high capacity, high compatibility
chain-type bsg cleaning machine & alkaline polishing, etching, and cleaning machine
to remove backside bsg of diffused silicone, and perform chemical corrosion, polishing, etching, cleaning, and realize backside micro texturing to align with other processes
high availability, high capacity, high compatibility
chain-type psg cleaning machine & plating removal and cleaning machine
remove frontside psg for annealed silicon wafer and, and perform chemical corrosion for frontside winding plating and cleaning of poly silicon
integrated function, high speed, high accuracy
screen printing machine
the machine boasts highly integrated functions, a fast printing speed and a compact structure, contributing a lot to printing quality
high-speed interactive wafer conveying technology
inspection and sorting machine
to measure cell performance parameter and defect and sort cells as per inspection result
high capacity, low damage rate, customized demand
auto loader/unloader for alkali polishing
it is used to automatically put wafers on etching and cleaning machine from wafer containers. it can be customized on demand, and achieve seamless connection with the master machine of the client
high capacity, low damage rate, small footprint
auto loader/unloader for online batch etching
it is used to automatically put wafers from wafer box to texturing & cleaning machine.
high capacity, low damage rate
inline diffusion/annealing automatic loading and unloading machine
a device that automatically places the pre-diffusion silicon wafer from the basket into the quartz boat, and then automatically sends it to the diffusion oven. after that, the diffused silicon wafer is automatically removed from the quartz boat to basket
high capacity, low damage rate
inline tube pecvd loading and unloading machine
the inline tube pecvd loading and unloading machine is to automatically load wafers from wafer box to pecvd quarts boat or unload them from boat to wafer box
high efficiency, low damage rate, uptime up to 98.5%
rpd automation machine
rpd automation machine is used to automatically load wafers from wafer box to trays and send them to rpd main body, and after wafers finish rpd, loads them to wafer box