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electrode making
continuous automatic running at a steady high speed
coating machine
a highly-automated and smooth-running coating machine with auto unwinding/rewinding, inline ccd and real-time density inspection
single layer coating, double layer coating
separator coating machine
with auto rewinding/unwinding, inline ccd/surface density inspection, a highly automated and stable coating machine
single calendering machine, hot/cold calendering
calendering machine
two pair rollers for continuous calendering to meet process thickness and surface quality. equipped with inline laser thickness measuring for closed-loop control, with good thickness uniformity and widely compatible press density
fast, integrated, easy to maintain
calendering and slitting machine
the equipment calenders coated cathode/anode through pressing pair rollers to specified thickness, and then slits the electrode into multiple stripes of required width and rewinds it into a required roll
automatic high-precision cutting die slitting
electrode slitting machine (auto roll change)
the equipment is a fully automatic slitting machine for the production of lithium ion batteries, which can continuously slit the electrodes(with zebra coating, strip coating, etc.)
manual roll change, high-precision cutting die slitting
electrode slitting machine (manual roll change)
the equipment is a fully automatic slitting machine for the production of li-ion battery cells, which can continuously slit the electrodes (with intermittent coating, striped coating, etc.)
high-precision cutting die slitting at constant tension
2nd electrode slitting machine
automatic slitting machine for li-ion battery that continuously slits notched electrode in the middle
high-precision fixed die at constant tension
mini electrode slitting machine
ccd defect inspection, defect labeling module; paper-guided unwinding shaft; waste edge collection & vacuum dust collector; cutter unit uses fixed die; iron removal module, profile cover&ffu
multi-station precision slitting for wide separator pancake
wide separator slitting machine
precision tension control system, set accuracy: 0.1n, accuracy at stable speed: ±2n; tension taper control or polyline control; precision rewinding pressure control system, set accuracy: 0.1n, control accuracy: ±1n, separate pressure control of left/right
highly compatible independent arm rewinding
separator slitting machine (independent arm)
independent arm rewinding, effectively solving the edge subside and rewinding problem of separator with large thickness deviation; controllable rewinding pressure; tension controlled via magnetic differential shaft, with stable tension control and accurac
high speed multi-channel slitting at constant tension
separator slitting machine
it is used to slit wide separator webs into narrower separator webs of specified width
large coil diameter, separate slitting via multiple channels
laser notching and slitting machine (one to four)
1100mm large coil unwinding device; separate slitting via multiple channels; ccd inspection of dimension and defect, ccd closed-loop control
high quality & ultra high speed notching and slitting
laser notching and slitting machine
optional 2 unwinding 2 rewinding stations, 2 unwinding 1 rewinding stations or 2 unwinding 4 rewinding stations; high precision automatic roll change, ultra high speed notching, efficient impurity control measures
high-speed & high-precision laser notching
notching machine (laser)
a li-ion cell notching machine (laser type) which uses laser notching unit to realize electrode tab forming, with smaller molten bead and less heat impact
high-precision die punching with small burrs
notching machine (die punching type)
a li-ion cell process equipment that uses metal die for tab forming, with smaller burrs, and multiple impurity control measures
high-accuracy cutting without waste
electrode making machine
an equipment with metal die to achieve cathode and anode forming in li-ion battery cell stacking process.
cell making
high speed winding at constant tension and linear speed
automatic winding machine for prismatic ev cells
the machine is for automatic pristmatic cell winding. the cathode, anode and separator are separately unwinded at first and after automatic correction and tension control, get winded into jr as per process recipe.
constant tension, common linear speed for notching and winding
ev laser cutting and winding machine
closed-loop inline tab misalignment control; closed-loop web tension control: low tension precise servo control system, with real-time monitoring; tension fluctuation≤±4%
integrated machine with high efficiency and speed
welding and winding machine for mini cells
automatic separator change; ccd inspection of tab center distance, protection tape and electrode/separator alignment
high efficiency and high speed machine
welding & winding machine for button cells
configured with epc correction, serpentine correction, clamping correction and feeding correction
high precision cutting and stacking
cutting and stacking machine
integrate unwinding, punching, cutting, stacking, taping and unloading functions, with single/double/triple/quadruple station options
accurate z-shape stacking at single station
stacking machine
the stacking machine z-folds the cathode and anode with the separator to produce a stack/jelly roll and flows it to next process step.
lamination stacking with continuous separator
lamination stacking machine
integrate unwinding, punching, marking, lamination, stacking, taping and unloading functions; pet can be canceled
high speed lamination stacking with cutting separator
lamination machine (stacking, separator cutting type)
integrate unwinding, punching, cutting, lamination, stacking, taping and unloading functions; pet can be canceled.
highly efficient, highly automated
cylindrical mini jr welding & winding machine
this machine is mainly used for tab welding, welding taping and jr winding, and integrates functions including ccd inspection, center hole forming, hi-pot test, diameter detection, and jr rounding.
high production efficiency, high automation
cylindrical jr winding machine
it is mainly used for tab welding, welding taping and jr winding, integrated with ccd detection, center hole forming, hipot test, diameter detection, jr rounding and other functions.
compatible with multi-tab jr winding
tabless cylindrical cell winding machine
it is mainly used for tabless cylindrical cell winding, inline winding alignment monitoring, optional integrated flattening and wrapping mechanism, compatible with multi-tab cell winding (including tab bending, flattening mechanism)
automatic winding, tab welding
tab welding and winding machine for 3c cells
the equipment is a fully automatic winding machine for prismatic li-ion cells. it performs tab welding, sealant taping and automatic winding.
prismatic cell assembly
large capacity, high compatibility, preheating under constant temperature
pre-heating tunnel oven
special heating system design, pressure/temperature/air velocity control of pressure equalizing chamber, more uniform temperature control
anti-sticky multi-layer hot press board
hot press machine
high pressing force, adjustable, uniform temperature for better cell shaping; special anti-sticky pressing board design; simple and reliable structure for easy maintenance
ai algorithm, higher inspection accuracy
x-ray inspection machine
ai image processing for higher accuracy; multiple channels for higher oee; special lead room design for better protection.
large buffer capacity, high compatibility
jr matching machine
large buffer capacity for high efficiency; compatible with 2/4 jrs; special changeover design for quick & easy changeover
special welding structure, efficient dedusting
ultrasonic welding machine
special design for welding station for better dedusting; visual inspection for automatic ng sorting
high-quality laser processing
collector laser welding machine
special collector positioning unit for accurate positioning; co-axial dedusting while welding
highly compatible multi-axis linkage mylar wrapping
mylar wrapping machine
mylar sticks to the cell during taping to prevent tape warping or side opening hollowing
real-time monitoring of can insertion force
can insertion machine
real-time monitoring of can insertion force; automatic calibration of cell and lid center alignment; full shielding of can mouth for cell protect
ultra high speed ring spot welding
lid laser welding machine
improved co-axial turbo dedusting device; advanced welding process to ensure quality and efficiency
automatic helium removal and re-test to improve yield rate
helium leak test machine
automatic helium removal and nozzle cleaning to improve yield rate; helium recovery system to reduce cost
new jig for fast heating and easy changeover
vacuum baking line
new jig is used with fast heating, light weight, more cell slots, high changeover efficiency and reduced cost
high pressure el filling
electrolyte filling machine
new equal pressure filling at higer pressure, with high filling efficiency; high-precision filling system to realize high filling accuracy
cylindrical cell assembly
optional ir detection and precharge module
tray loading machine
this machine is mainly used for tray loading, with optional ir test and precharge functions.
compatible with one-dimensional/two-dimensional code
ink-jet printing machine
this machine is mainly used for coding on the side of the cell, and code detection after coding.
special one-time hot shrinking process
tubing machine
the machine is mainly used for cell tubing and hot shrinking, including insulation film supply, tubing, top washer insertion, infrared hot shrinking, ccd detection and other functions.
atomized oil spraying
oiling machine
this machine is mainly used for cell oiling, forming a uniform oil film on the outside of the cell to prevent rust, and equipped with an oil mist separator to avoid oil mist pollution
water tanks are compatible with both sequential flow mode and series mode
cell washing machine
the machine is mainly used for cell washing, including brushing, spraying, air knife water removal and drying functions.
3-step crimping, 1st crimping 2nd crimping and sizing
crimping machine
the machine is mainly used for cell crimping, equipped with total height detection and can mouth diameter detection.
linear layout of three stations
cap laser welding machine (including cap supply)
it is mainly used for laser welding of cathode tab and cap, including tab wiping, ccd detection, tension test, cap bending and automatic cap loading.
equal pressure filling
electrolyte filling machine
it is mainly used for el filling and el soaking, including pre weighing, cell into tray, el filling chamber closing, pressurized leakage test, el filling, soaking, post weighing, automatic cover cleaning etc.
ng cell automatic re-inspection is optional
x-ray inspection machine
it is mainly used for cell winding overhang inspection, and the function of ng cell automatic backflow and re-inspection is optional.
ng sorting
hi-pot test machine
it is mainly used for cell short circuit test, and the tester model can be specified.
triangle and u-shaped grooves are optional
beading machine
it is mainly used for beading, with the function of oiling, dust removal and ccd inspection.
compatible with cathode single/double tab(s) process
top insulator (ti) insertion machine
it is mainly used to insert the top insulator into the cathode of cell and is equipped with ccd detection module.
special swaging process with better quality
swaging machine
it is mainly used for can swaging, with the function of oiling and post swaging can opening diameter detection.
pin changing without machine stop
anode welding machine
it is mainly used for resistance welding of anode tab and can, with the function of pre-welding center hole detection and post-welding tension test.
special can insertion process, better compatibility
can insertion machine
it is mainly used for jr to can insertion with inline pressure monitoring of can insertion.
efficient dust-proof design
can supply machine
it is mainly used for can tray unpacking and can loading, with the function of can diameter detection, automatic dust removal. after being inserted into the puck, the can is conveyed to the jr to can machine.
compatible with anode double tabs
bottom insulator (bi) insertion machine
it is used for bi insertion after tab avoidance, then align and bend the inner and outer tab, and it is equipped with ccd detection module.
insulator pancake replacement without machine stop
insulator supply machine (bottom insulator, top insulator and washer)
it is used for insulator pancake punching and cutting, and is equipped with static elimination function. the finished insulators will be conveyed in pucks.
agv/conveyor/trolley loading are optional
jr loading machine
it is mainly used to unpack the muti-layer loading trays into single tray automatically, and is equipped with the go guage to detect the jr diameter.
high speed, modular
cylindrical 18/21 series cell automatic assembly line
it is mainly used for fully automatic assembly of cylindrical 18/21 series cells, including cell loading, bi insertion, jr to can insertion, anode tab welding, swaging, ti insertion, beading, hi-pot test, x-ray inspection, el filling, cap laser welding, c