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li-ion battery manufacturing
a li-ion battery turnkey solution provider with full independent intellectual properties and over 60% market share in core equipment, lead is committed to providing our customers with li-ion battery manufacturing equipment from cell making, cell assembly, cell testing to module/pack and smart logistics system. we furthermore help our customers to build intelligent factory with self-made mes system.
independent intellectual property
prismatic cell
options of winding or stacking, customized line/equipment and connected factory solutions
pouch cell
first to provide vda390/590 pouch cell turnkey solution
cylindrical cell
turnkey solutions for 18650, 21700 and 46 series cylindrical cells
solid state battery and other new types of battery
forward-looking r&d capabilities in the field of solid state battery, dry electrode battery, lithium metal battery and other new types of battery
formation & aging
world-leading formation & grading solution provider. focus on lib cell finishing manufacturing process and provide intelligent manufacturing solutions integrating formation & ageing, capacity grading, inspection and sorting for prismatic , pouch and cylindrical lib cells. first chinese company that applies high-frequency energy recovery technology into cell production and test. boast world-leading lib cell charging & discharging technology, energy recycle efficiency up to 90%.
independent intellectual property
prismatic lib cell
first in the industry to apply water-cooling all-in-one technology in mass production
pouch lib cell
first in the industry to use formation fixture in series combination for mass production
cylindrical lib cell
having successfully delivered first 355ppm formation & grading line, provide formation & grading solutions covering 18650/21700 and 4680 cylindrical cells
solid state batteries and other types of batteries
solid state battery, sodium ion battery, dry electrode battery, metal battery r&d capability
pv manufacturing
photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing
lead is a leading turnkey solution provider in photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing and focuses on turnkey solutions of developing and manufacturing high-efficient pv cell/assembly. lead's topcon high-efficient cell solution, high-speed stringer and all-in-shingling modules all reach world-leading level. and with its self-developed mes, intelligent logistics , its laser and machine vision technology, lead is capable of helping pv companies to build "unmanned workshops".
pv assembly turnkey solution
high capacity / high stability / high compatibility
pv cell turnkey solution
cell plant / photoelectric conversion efficiency 26%
pv module equipment
provide stringers, busbar welding machines, etc., with half cell producation capacity of stringer exceeds 11000 pcs/h
pv cell automation
best cell automation solution provider so far ( process routes like perc、topcon、xbc demonstrate good usability)
wet equipment
high transmission stability, small disturbance/deformation, easy maintenance
screen printing
highly-integrated functions, fast printing speed, compact structure, can greatly enhance printing quality
3c intelligent equipmengt
as the world's leading intelligent manufacturing turnkey solution provider, its products cover 8 series, including vision metrology, precision fluid, camera test, ai inspection, advanced surface treatment, 3d bonding, reliability test and integrated assembly, focuses on the global consumer electronics, automobile & energy, pan-semiconductor, precision sensor and other intelligent fields. leadtech provides competitive products and services to satisfy the diverse demands from customers by integrating technologies (solution of real-time 3d stereo vision, micron-level motion control, sub-pixel image processing, artificial intelligence) and self-developed software and algorithm platform (3d algorithm platform, ai inspection platform,advanced fluid technology and μm level multi-axis control system) , and become the strategic partner for top customers in industry.
self-developed core technologies
3d algorithms platform ,ai inspection platform、μm level multi-axis control system
vision metrology 、precision fluid、camera test、ai inspection、advanced surface treatment、3d bonding、reliability test、integrated line
vision metrology
fully independent visual algorithm library. global top supplier for electronic product measurement equipment
precision fluid
high-speed, high-precision and uniform adhesive dispensing system and provide in-line 3d path for all types of wearable devices and multiple complex curve
camera test
test equipment with camera modules; allow aa test, lens automatic calibration, 3d facial recognition sensor test, and finished product function test, etc
ai inspection
leading ai algorithms and inspection technology; allow surface defect measurement and inspection for transparent materials,  free-form curves, and multi-layer structures
advanced surface treatment
fully automatic whole line integrating 3d pad printing/screen printing and inspection system; high-precision visual-guide alignment; aoi automatic inspection
3d bonding
cold bending and shaping, uv curing for large size, 3d curved products. provide first automated whole production line for cold bending and lamination of large automobile screens
automotive intelligent production line
lead has been deeply engaged in new energy intelligent equipment manufacturing field for decades, with advanced visual algorithms and software architecture, multi-dimensional system simulation, big data visualization platform, logistics and mes, etc., achieving intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, robot vision, digital twin, flexible intelligent logistics and other applications' integration. lead provides intelligent production lines for battery module/pack/ctp/container, electric drive system, electrical testing intelligent equipment and a series of turnkey solutions. with the automation rate of module line exceeding 95%, pack line exceeding 50%, ctp line exceeding 75%, and the overall electric drive solution achieving an average of 85%.
independent intelletual property
automation rate
module turnkey solution
intelligent production line of ev and energy storage modules with different cell types (prismatic, pouch or cylindrical), max automation rate: 95%
pack turnkey solution
pack turnkey solution through core specialized machine development, custom mes, system integration and intelligent logistics and warehousing. line automation rate >50%
ctp turnkey solution
best ctp turnkey solution based on rich module/pack experience at home and abroad, and capable of jointly developing ctp products with our customers
storage system turnkey solution
in the field of energy storage, lead pioneered an efficient, safe and cost-effective automated assembly production line for energy storage containers, opened up intelligent manufacturing solutions for the whole industrial chain from cell, module, pack/ctp to container, leading the industry in the whole line efficiency.
electric drive turnkey solution
3rd generation hairpin line forming technology, and through technology binding and collaborative development realize in-depth collaboration with top automotive brands at home and abroad
electrical testing solution
based on advanced igbt control technology and pioneering integrative configuration concept, lead provides high accurate power charge and discharge test and stable multi-functional comprehensive tests and for module and pack.
fuel cell equipment
hydrogen energy intelligent equipment
lead has been active in promoting fuel cells industrialization based on its r&d, manufacturing and comprehensive service capabilities, and is able to provide equipment for process verification as well as lab/pilot/mass production line. it has now provided fuel cell turnkey solutions for many renowned companies at home and abroad, with its turnkey solutions covering mea production line, bpp line integration, pem making, gdl making, high-precision stack assembly, system assembly, stack and system testing and activation platform.
turnkey solution
provide turnkey solutions for fuel cells, pem electrolytic cell intelligent manufacturing
process verification
mated with multiple testing devices, able to provide process verification of fuel cell industrialization to quality customers
slurry-mixing and coating line
homemade high-precision coating die, direct anode coating without additional process film, coating film swelling inhibition
mea line
help customers to enhance production efficiency with ensured fitting accuracy, yield rate>99%
bipolar plate line
overcome metal bipolar plate welding difficulty, fast welding speed, good flatness after welding, ok rate>99%
stack & system assembly line
coupled ccd positioning, short cycle time, high stacking accuracy, specialized vacuum pad for material protection
test platform
modular configuration on demand, accurate measuring control, homemade specialized test software
smart logistics
intelligent logistics
world-leading smart plant turnkey solution provider and with its focus on "flexible manufacturing" and "smart manufacturing", lead commits itself to providing solutions to headaches in warehousing and production logistics management from aspects of information, resource, production and inventory management, in order to enhance logistics operation efficiency, inventory accuracy and turnover, helping customers to realize the goal of a more transparent, real-time, visualized and flexible management and intelligent plant.
flexible manufacturing
customized smart logistics solutions based on years of experience in automation industry

comprehensive production logistics solution to meet sustainability
stability & efficiency
self-developed core equipment and software system, adopt advanced production-draw mode to pursue high efficiency and stability
production logistics solutions
material/semi-finished product storage and transfer, auto loading/unloading between processes. high efficiency, reduced cost, unmanned production
distribution center solution
customized material distribution solutions to realize integrated warehousing, distribution and sorting
intelligent warehousing solutions
enhanced warehouse utilization, reduced labor consumption, economical and reasonable flow of inventory materials
informatization solutions
independent developed core software system. diverse services including information tracing, data processing, equipment dispatching and safety control, etc.
laser precision processing
laser precision machining
lead has been precision-focused for two decades. it integrates laser strengths to play in the laser chain and provide assembly equipment and turnkey solutions with its strenghs in vision algorithms and software development. with high-precision cnc system as the core, its fine processing of led, consumer electronics, panels, semiconductors and pv equipment and relevant measuring and auto intelligent workshop solutions has taken into shape.
multi-scenario application
covering semiconductor, new energy, pcb, traditional panel, display and consumer electronics
design from source laser to overall light path, high-precision motion platform, vertical system integration
consumer electronics
provide laser turnkey solutions in consumer electronics that accomodate both traditional pcb/fpc and 3c
display panel
applied in lcd / oled /micro led, and provide new laser solutions
cover semiconductor fe-be, laser stealth dicing / marking / cutting and specialized 3d tsv/tgv, etc. provide most professional semiconductor turnkey solution
new energy
can provide customized single machine/line laser application solutions from laser notching/cutting , cell welding and assembly to laser applications in module/pack
applied in se, perovskite and other fields, and provides new laser solutions.
connected factory
connected factory
lead information team boast years of experiences in it and manufacturing practices. they build lead mes based on a series of scientific management and practices and integrating intelligent automation technology, information and communication technology and li-ion battery manufacturing knowledge, which not only enhances intelligent manufacturing, but also promotes process integration and coordination from process planning, production adaptation and auto maintenance. the system helps companies to improve production efficiency, reduce cost and realize intelligent manufacturing with accessible data.
full life cycle management
full manufacturing cycle management in coordination with r&d, manufacturing, decision-making and sales and services
customized development service
provide customized development for specialized product processes, individualized businesses and special demands, etc.
battery cell manufacturing
a. prismatic/pouch/cylindrical cell line, full cell types; b. electrode, cell making and inspection, equipment of all types
pack assembly
a. module/pack line, manual/auto stations; b. latest ctp assembly process
energy storage container assembly
battery cluster and stack assembly, inspection
automobile electric drive assembly
front/rear drive assembly line