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overhead hoist transfer(oht) robot is mainly used for the handling of workshop coil loading/unloading. personnel can easily operate on the ground, implement moving and positioning operations quickly and accurately. oht adopts steel or aluminum alloy guide rail. electric drive device can be set in the horizontal direction to reduce the working intensity of personnel, and intelligent crane can be used to add power to the system. the whole machine adopts light-weight design, sets up anti-fall mechanism, associates with lifting protection and malfunction protection, and also has low-pressure and gas-off protection. the speed-adjustment protection can be set, and the external system can be interconnected to achieve operation protection. the whole machine can adopt one-man operation through setting the handle and button on clamp. light and smooth, small starting force, easy to push and pull, all these can bring users relaxed and pleasant operating experience.
1. good maintenance;
2. multiple error-proof, poka-yoke and safety protection design;
3. particle control;
easy to operate