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high precision double-fork transfer agv for roll
double fork coil transfer agv is an agv series product designed according to the actual requirements of new energy battery factories, which is mainly composed of agv body, lifting mechanism, correction mechanism, multiple safety protection mechanism, etc. at present, it is used in the process of material taking in unpacking room, coat rewinding and unwinding, calendering rewinding and unwinding, slitting and putting, stacking input, etc., and undertakes the handling of material rolls and empty cores in each process. the high-precision agv of double fork coil transfer adopts magnetic stripe or laser navigation mode, the docking and lifting accuracy can reach ±1mm. 
1. steering wheel drive, not affected by the ground;
2. hybrid navigation, multiple protection;
3. intelligent poka-yoke, ensure safety;
4. visual positioning, stable and reliable.
superior carrying capacity
multiple protection
high fault tolerance
easy to load and unload materials
multi-axis adjustment