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chain-type bsg cleaning machine & alkaline polishing, etching, and cleaning machine
after n-type monocrystalline silicon wafer boron diffuses, to remove the single-sided bsg on chain conveyor, then perform chemical corrosion, polishing, etching, cleaning, drying in trough, and coupled with texturing, cleaning and drying of double-sided cells.
1. adopt 182 transmission 6 6 and 210 transmission 5 5 compatible structure, to enhance machine stability, with little disturbance or deformation, easy to maintain;
2. customized etching trough with liquid supply rollers for thorough cleaning and over-etching reduction;
3. water cleaning adopts soaking spraying water spraying method;
4. capacity: ≥9600 pcs/h, 10 channels 8400 pcs/tank; ≥11000 pcs/h, 10 channels & 464 pcs/tank,compatible with both 210&182
high availability
high compatibility