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light stacker crane
this stacker crane adopts double-column portal structure, and the walking mechanism adopts rubber-coated wheel direct-driving technology combined with anti-misalignment connection technology of the ground rail. these can ensure that the long-term operation of the ground rail will not be deformed, the noise will be low, and the maintenance will also be in low frequency, which is suitable for formation&aging, resting, and finished goods warehouse of the new energy post-stage.
1. aluminum profile rail, with anti-misalignment function;
2. the loading carriage can choose armor, infrared imaging temperature measurement function;
3. with a variety of safety protection measures and anti-fall system;
4. fast speed, low noise, low vibration, long servicelife of walking wheel;
5. anti-fall system, vertical safety rope anti-fall device.
functional requirements can be achieved
high safety
high performance