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inspection process intelligent manufacturing turnkey solution for 4680/21700 cylindrical cell
1. adopt feedback power supply platform with self-owned intellectual property;
2. applicable in mass production in high production capacity of cylindrical lib cell of various systems;
3. universally used, short changeover time;
4. compatible with 18650/21700 small cylindrical lib cell production;
5. compatible with 3280/32140~4680/46300 large cylindrical lib cell production.
1. integrate charging & discharging system, inspection system, logistics & warehousing, sorting, ng sorting; can realize real-time monitoring;
2. highly integrated control that requires small footprint and facilitate control operations;
3. temperature uniformity of one chamber can satisfy ±2℃. for large cylindrical lib cells, negative pressure formation and single cell temperature detection is provided.
high speed
high production capacity
quick changeover