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al plastic film packaging machine
the fully-automatic packaging machine of li-ion pouch cell has functions of al plastic film continuous punching, cell insertion, hot sealing and so forth.
1. dust removal ducts are installed at cutting stations of al plastic film unwinding and winding to effectively remove the dust generated by cutting;
2. al plastic film is pressed by servo and punch die moves from bottom to top with punching depth controlled by servo;
3. sealing featured by adaptive and easily-adjustable parallelism together with precise control and compensation of temperature confirms the consistency of sealing effect and thickness;
4. tab sealing with functions of tab correction and pre-heating to ensure the sealing effect. ccd inline full inspection of sealing tab exposure and sealing dimension tab center distance and perpendicularity;
5. full detection of sealing thickness by non-contact thickness gauge with detection precision at 1μm;
6. compatible with stacking or winding cells and tab on both sides or single side.
al plastic film continuous punching
cell top and side sealing
thickness inspection