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tab welding machine
the automatic welding machine of li-ion pouch cell performs functions of ultrasonic welding of tab foil, collector and protection sheet, post-welding trimming, protection tape pasting on welded area and so forth.
1. hi-pot test before welding; compatible with functions of weighing, hot press, etc.
2. pre-welding cutters equipped with oiling and cleaning facilities to prevent cutter sticking;
3. welding/cutting station equipped with upper and lower dust partition plates and negative pressure dust removal facilities with air velocity up to 20m/s at the air outlet;
4. welding machine with a power monitoring system to monitor the welding quality;
5. automatic tab loading mechanism with tab buffering amount not less than 2-hour usage required by machine. flow jig can be dusted and cleaned automatically with brush plus negative pressure dust removal;
6. tab loading is carried out in phase with welding and upper and lower taping is performed directly after taping mechanism picks the tape, resulting in high production efficiency;
7. inline visual inspection of welding quality and real-time detection of untaped area;
8. various layouts of single/double station of the welding machine such as turntable type, linear type, etc. compatible with cells with tabs on single side or on both sides.
tab automatic welding
tab bending
hi-pot test