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cap laser welding machine (including cap supply)
it is mainly used for laser welding of cathode tab and cap, including tab wiping, ccd detection, tension test, cap bending and automatic cap loading.
1. dmc of the tab wiping module is supplied by a precision quantitative pump, and material conveyor is equipped with dedusting function;
2. galvanometer welding is adopted with high welding efficiency;
3. equipped with nitrogen protection and dust removal functions during welding to effectively ensure the welding yield rate;
4. cap feeding options: tray feeding/bowl feeder feeding;
5. equipped with cap front and back detection function;
6. equipped with ccd detection function before and after cap welding;
7. cap bending: c-shaped bending is used to prevent the cathode tab from contacting the can;
8. equipped with tension test function for welding strength detection.
linear layout of three stations