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laser notching and slitting machine (one to four)
1100mm large coil unwinding device; separate slitting via multiple channels; ccd inspection of dimension and defect, ccd closed-loop control.
1. small burrs, small heat effect, high quality at the cutting end face;
2. high cutting accuracy, tolerance over the total length: ±1.5mm(6m electrode), ±3mm (12m electrode);
3. high cutting rate, stable running at 90m/min (height of the tab ≤25mm) ;
4. employing dust and particle prevention mechanism such as brush, air knife, ultrasonic to deliver electrode with good quality;
5. discharging waste continuously via vacuum suction, continuous manufacturing without any stops of the machine;
6. auto roll change for rewinding, and auto unloading after rewinding.
large coil diameter
separate slitting via multiple channels