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laser notching and slitting machine
1. maximum notching speed under steady production: 120m/min;
2. compatible electrode width: 150-500mm;
3. configurations: 2 unwinding plus 2 rewinding stations, 2 unwinding plus 1 rewinding stations, or 2 unwinding plus 4 rewinding stations; high-precision automatic roll change; ultra high speed laser notching; efficient impurity control measures.
1. small burr, less heat impact, high quality cutting end face;
2. high precision pair roller conveyor, length accuracy:±1.5mm( 6m electrode),±3mm( 12m electrode);
3. high speed laser cutting control system, with stable production speed of 60m/min (tab height<25mm);
4. brush, vacuum suction, ffu, dedusting fan, etc. to control particles and impurities and guarantee safe performance.
high quality & ultra high speed notching and slitting