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explosion-proof valve welding machine
explosion-proof valve welding machine is to weld the valve with the cell base plate and uses galvo for welding. it has a reasonable structure, easy for operation and changeover, and a low fault rate, with alarm display on hmi and ensures quality tracablility.
1. dual station with input/output structure, so that loading/unloading and welding of the same production can take place alternately at the same time;
2. before welding, vacuum ejector will detect loading condition automatically, with over standard being alarmed and then manually discharged as ng;
3. galvo welding head, defocus amount adjustable ±10mm, visualized accuracy of product overlimit /-0.02mm;
4. program call time in the event of product changover is within 10 mins;
5. during production, noise at operator's position ≤75 (db), testing standard uni7712;
6. profile tooling ensures the smooth surface of welding seam, unit per hour≥24ppm;
7. built-in red light positioning
single-mode laser
galvo welding