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ibc stringer
there is no electrode on the front of the ibc, and the metal busbar of the positive and negative are arranged on the back of cells in the shape of fingers. since the front side is not covered by the metal busbar, it has more light-receiving area, so cells have higher conversion efficiency as well as look more beautiful. however, the manufacturing process is complex and the cost is higher.
1. high compatibility: it can produce not only 20-piece r type and l type, but also 42, 60, 72 and other different types;
2. the cells and fpc film have two feeding channels, which can be fed individually, or fed simultaneously on both sides, or fed on two channels with different materials;
3. higher precision: using high-precision camera and unique algorithm, placement accuracy can reach ±0.05mm, and layout accuracy can reach ±0.2mm;
4. higher production capacity and unique design, the production capacity can reach 2400 pcs/h, much higher than the industry level
high compatibility
high speed
high accuracy