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ccm anode coating machine
it is used in ccm anode coating of fuel cells. it adopts slot-die coating method, special vacuum suction and in-situ drying technology to inhibit swelling of coating film and realize direct catalyst-layer coating.
1. optimized process for direct anode coating without applying additional process films, saving production cost;
2. compatible with multiple coating modes: intermittent/continuous coating; double channel coating can be performed, with coating speed at 0.6~3m/min;
3. highly responsive coating switching valve and high-precision feeding system, high coating accuracy; coating dimension accuracy: ±0.5mm; alignment accuracy: ±0.5mm; coating thickness uniformity: ≤±10%;
4. equipped with in-situ cleaning and slurry recovery device to reduce slurry consumption;
5. inline x-ray and ccd inspection system to guarantee stable coating quality.
solve swelling problems