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electric drive universal automation test software
it has functions of automation test, test result query, dso, data analysis, inline report, remote access, smart diagnosis, modular customization and tool library, etc.
1. safety function: configured with safety hardware to realize multi-channel signal monitoring and analysis in real time, smart handling in case of emergency and black box function for failure retrieval;
2. easy to maintain: modular components for flexible configuration; inline diagnosis to locate and analyse failures; able to assist customers to create maintenance schedules for early warning;
3. easy to use: open operation interface, function modules cover all electric drive tests, with all operation requirements and engineering recipes being converted to parameters; able to perform automatic test with one click;
4. flexibility test: product parameter import, to accomodate multiple kinds of tested products. testing condition can be switched flexibly to meet flexible production requirements;
5. custom configuration: support customized user interface, test script and project configuraion on customer demand.
custom configuration
flexiblility test
easy to operate and maintain
safety protection